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Dedicated to serving those in need worldwide
Our history
We’re helping impoverished communities build brighter futures

SOMAGG was founded by the Society of African Missions (SMA) and Our Lady of Apostles sisters (OLA). The idea of developing a charitable organization first came from the challenges faced by the SMA Fathers and OLA sisters in their various missions in Africa.

During our pastoral activities in Africa, we are struck by the fact that so many people in the communities we visit have lacked basic essentials, such as access to education, clean water, and quality healthcare.

We knew we had to do something about it, so we founded SOMAGG to help communities in Africa escape the cycle of poverty and work toward brighter futures.

Thanks to generous donations, we are serving those in need by providing education, essential healthcare services, vocational training, and much more. While SOMAGG first focused on communities within Africa, we have expanded our efforts worldwide.

Help make a difference

With your support, we can continue serving those in need.